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Every Brand Has a Story

Our story begins with the desire to travel... with kids!

When my daughter was born, I thought we'd have to stop traveling for a few years. We had gone on our babymoon, and that was supposed to be our last hurrah! As a jetsetter at heart, this was a difficult reality to face, but I slowly let it sink in.

After she was born, I stayed home with her. I thought it would be best since I was breastfeeding and in the middle of a career change anyways.

But then as days became weeks, and weeks became months, I started to feel trapped at home. There was nothing to look forward to except for that walk around the block, and my schedule revolved around meal times, nap times, a nursing schedule, and cleaning and cooking. I couldn't even fit in yoga into my life anymore. Everything I knew of myself was gone.

This is parenthood.

We love our kids so much, we give up the things we love for the sake of our precious children, especially in the early years!

Once my daughter was a toddler, I knew we needed a change. We had to do what excited us again, especially for my sake! I needed it to boost my energy, improve my health, and bring newness into my life.

So, I started to plan trips. It gave me something to look forward to, and created beautiful memories and photos for us to look back on.

Now, we make sure we take trips that fuel us every year. Bucket list places, beach places, visiting friends, and travel for work. Even though traveling with kids is not always easy, the memories created are always worth it.

After 16 countries with our daughter so far, countless domestic cities, and another little one in tow, we've learned a few tips and tricks that have made our travels easier with kids. There are products that have helped us along the way, and ones we wanted to make better.

That's how Mini Explorers was born.

We want a great experience for you and your family as you venture off on new adventures together. We design products we use and love, and hope you love them too!

Stay tuned as we share more of our adventures and launch new products!

Follow us @miniexplorersco to see our updates!

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